It Used To Be So Good, What Happened

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     Ever get those moments when you look across the kitchen at your partner and think:

     “How did I end up with this twat?”

     What happened to the days when you looked lovingly into his eyes without wanting to head-butt him?

     What happened to the times when he would go away for weekends with his friends and you would sadly count the hours until he returned, but now you bust open the Prosecco and bounce on the sofa the minute he pulls out the drive?

     You’re not alone, and Vicki La Bouchardiere is here to help you.

     Vicki is a professional life coach and mindset expert. In this book she shows you how to escape the unhappiness, frustration and feelings of just plain “Meh” that accompany many relationships.

     You won’t have to bother about waxing and buying scratchy red underwear to seduce a new bloke, because Vicki explains how to find happiness with the man you are with.

     How you achieve this may surprise you…


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Vicki La Bouchardiere  Author and Executive Coach

     Vicki is a qualified Executive Coach and specialises in working with ambitious business owners and managers.

     Vicki wrote her book, "How to Live with Dickhead", in 2015 because she saw people struggling in their personal lives with something that caused her a lot of unhappiness in the past, and she knew she had the answer they needed.

     At first you might think it’s just a bit of fun, and there are definitely some laughs along the way, but Vicki takes her work seriously and provides you with some valuable information to help you not only have a better relationship, but also a better life.

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